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Featured Wines of the Week
(by the glass)


Featured Red Wines
Cabernet Sauvignon- Hook or Crook (Lodi, California) 2015
Malbec- Argentine Revolution (Mendoza, Argentina) 2015
Merlot- Queen of Hearts (Santa Barbara County, California) 2011
Pinot Noir- CP (Central Coast, California) 2016
Syrah- Lone Birch (Yakima Valley, Washington) 2014


Featured White Wines
Chardonnay- Arrowflite (North Coast, California) 2016
Pinot Grigio- il Vincè (Italy) 2017
Riesling- Sun Garden (Germany) 2017
Rosé (Malbec)- Nozières (France) 2017
Sauvignon Blanc Blend- Château Laulerie (France) 2017

These are just a taste of our great selection of wines from all over the world.
Feel free to call and inquire if there is something you’re looking for or stop by to see what’s available!